Upcoming PTO Meeting
Tuesday November 21, 2017
7:00 PM at Cambridge Perkins

The Cambridge Middle School Parent Teacher Organization meets the third Tuesday of every month at Perkins in Cambridge.  Parents of all CMS students are encouraged to attend.  Just arrive at 7:00 PM and look for the CMS PTO placard on our table.

How you can get involved

Sign-up for our email mailing list and let us know how you're interested in supporting the CMS PTO.  Whether you'd like to volunteer, participate in planning meetings, or just stay informed - we'd love to hear from you.

CMS Event Schedule

November 2017

Volunteers Needed

Parent volunteers are needed to help in a variety of activities happening at CMS.  Please click the link to see the volunteer sign-up schedule.

CMS Teachers

We have a quick and easy submission form for teachers to introduce ideas or needs to the PTO.  After submitting the form, teachers will be contacted by a PTO member by email or phone and be added to the upcoming PTO meeting agenda to share their idea in person.

Document Library

Search our online document library for past meeting minutes, bylaws, and other documents.

Document Library

CMS PTO 2017-2018 Goals

Parent Involvement Goals

At least three parents from each grade level will be actively involved in the PTO.


  • 6th Grade: 1 of 3+ parents
  • 7th Grade: 4 of 3+ parents
  • 8th Grade: 2 of 3+ parents

Financial Goals

  1. The CMS PTO will raise $1000 this year ($100 per month)
  2. The PTO will end the year with a balance of $500.


  • Fundraising YTD: $1121 of $1000
  • Balance: $1280 (target $500)

Service Goals

  1. The PTO will be represented in at least 20 CMS events (e.g. Sport concessions, Open House, parent-teacher conferences).
  2. PTO Members will volunteer 50+ hours of service.
  3. The PTO will fund (or partially fund) at least two teacher led initiatives.
  4. The PTO will hold at least two events to recognize teachers and all school staff (e.g. Potluck dinner during conferences).


  • PTO Represented Events: 11 of 20
  • PTO Member Volunteer Hours: 30 of 50 hours
  • Teacher Initiatives Supported: 0 of 2
  • Staff recognition events: 1 of 2