Community Garage Sale Planning Meeting

Tuesday evening, May 30, the garage sale planning committee is meeting at Cambridge Perkins at 7:00 PM.  Parents interested in helping to plan and run the garage sale are welcome to attend.  No RSVP is needed – simply stop on in and join us at the table with the CMS PTO placard.

The CMS PTO will be running a community garage sale on Saturday, August 19.  This will be our first large fundraising event, and there’s a lot of planning and activities that still need to be done before the end of the 2016-2017 school year.  Cambridge Middle School has already been reserved and our Facebook page has been updated with “save the date” messages.  On Tuesday, the garage sale planning committee will be finalizing details and preparing communications to send home with students.  This website,, was designed with the garage sale in mind – to help communicate and provide a platform so community members could reserve their tables.  Stay tuned.  Additional information will be coming soon.

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