November 2018

There are a lot of exciting things taking place at CMS this fall. In October CMS held their annual Color Run and parent-teacher conferences were held. During our November PTO meeting, Assistant Principal, Tricia Anderson updated the PTO on student activities. Winter sports are in full swing. CMS students exceeded their PBIS goals for positive behavior, and as a reward, locally owned GTI theaters opened their doors to CMS students on Wednesday, November 21. Students can also earn points for positive behavior and get rewards from the PBIS store that is opened during lunch periods each Monday and Wednesday. Tara Gann explained how she was coordinating a fun Turkey Trivia activity for students as they end the short week before the Thanksgiving Holiday. The next Activity Night for all CMS students will be Friday, 21-Dec from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.

CMS Principal Chad Gerlach is working on Positive Attendance and will be presenting a showcase on this topic to the School Board. Planning sessions are also scheduled to review data through the State Principal Association and compare how schedules and elective courses offered at CMS compare. Mr. Gerlach’s objective is to have the 2019 master schedule prepared by February.

The CMS PTO has closed the online store for spiritwear orders. Henry Embroidery & Screen Printing is now preparing the ordered items to be ready for pickup before winter break.

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